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Stan Greer Millworks Doors

        Whether you are starting with a rough sketch or full architectural plans, remember a door says a lot about the room it leads you into.

        We have a broad range of types form entry, storm, screen, interior, closet and well, we hope you get the idea. They're all on display so you can get an up-close look at them and get a feel for how they will look and work in your home.

        As with many of the components for the home, choosing a door require more than deciding on the style and cost. You must also choose the technology since there are a wide variety of ways to paint, stain, enhance with glass, lock and maintain. There are also the other options, such as hardware, colors, materials and insulation. The choices you make will have a lasting importance and we can help you make all the right decisions.

Doors are important part of your home and have practical and esthetical roles.  There are many things to consider when buying new doors.

First is to determine a design that defines the look you hope to achieve.  Your entry door provides a first impression.  It's important to choose your entry door with design and style that will match to the entire design of your home.  At the same time entry doors give you privacy and security, provide insulation and soundproofing.

Internal doors in your home provide privacy as well.  Internal doors also help keep air in heated or cooled areas, reduce noise, and they can also be extremely decorative.  Whether itís the front entry door or the garage, doors are the focal points and entries of our homes.  They welcome, beautify, and protect. 

Create your own intriguing entryways by choosing from a wide variety of beautifully styled doors. No matter which door you choose, the luxurious mahogany, sturdy steel, or the high-performance fiberglass. You can expect a product with superior durability and unmatched beauty and style. Every Stan Greer Millworks door has a distinct personality, with an endless array of styles, configurations, finishes, and decorative glass options to help you compliment your personal design style. Stan Greer Millworks doors offer versatility in design without sacrificing durability. Every door is built to withstand high-traffic and resists denting, cracking, and splitting. Stan Greer Millworks uses only quality materials and the highest construction standards to assure that every product will provide years of maintenance-free beauty and enjoyment

        Our millwork also offers face-to-face expert advice and quick order fulfillment.

So, if you're looking for...

- 6 Panel Pine Doors
- 15 Lite Glass Doors
- Molded Hollow Core & Solid Doors
- Flush Luan & Birch Doors

        Öbuilt to your specifications, Stan Greer Millworks is the place.