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Welcome Homeowners!

Ready to build a new home, or make changes to your existing home?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can go. Hire a contractor, who will take care of everything or become your own contractor. We call homeowners who take advantage of this option a Self-Contracting Homeowner or an Owner Builder.

What is an Owner Builder or Self-Contracting Homeowner?

Owner Builders buy all the materials and supplies required for the project and hire sub contractors to do the work. By doing this, homeowners can take pride in completing a major goal or project.

Owner Builders are a very special type of customer at Stan Greer Millworks. Staying current on industry standards is an on going task. Even the best do-it-yourselfers rarely reach the professional level of expertise required to tackle the scope and complexity of building a home, a new addition or undertaking a major renovation.

Is Self-Contracting easy?

If you have never done this before, the answer is no. That's why Stan Greer Millworks offers to work with Self-Contracting Homeowners in order to assist them with the completion of their project. We strive to educate our customers and keep them informed and we promise to deliver the same level of service, whether you’re a contractor or an individual looking to touch up your home.

What does SGM offer Self-Contracting Homeowners?

Self-contracting homeowners are not professional builders but we do offer them the same scope of services, as well as, the highest quality building materials that we offer our professional builder customers.


Our Accounts receivable department will assist you by working with our sales team and determining your credit needs. They’ll help you to apply for credit and explain our credit terms and policies to you. Credit Application

Kitchen Center

Our Kitchen Center located at our Hereford facility offers builders and homeowners alike, creative kitchen and bath solutions in every price range and is supported by a knowledgeable sales staff, free design services, and a comfortable environment.


Our millwork is also located at our Hereford facility. The Door Shop specializes in interior and exterior doors. We are also able to design and build custom, pre-assembled stairs of every description out of our millwork. We offer professional builders and homeowners a full-range of design, price and material options.

Ready to get started?

Call either of our locations and they'll be glad to help you and get you in touch with the appropriate SGM Sales Associate. Our experienced sales reps not only work closely with you, they have the construction knowledge required to correctly understand and service the exact requirements of your project.

Stan Greer Millworks Tucson office is located at:
3791 N. Hwy Dr. Tucson, AZ 85705.
Phone: 520-888-3088 Fax: 520-884-5269

Our main office is located in Hereford at:
5930 S. Hwy 92 Hereford, AZ 85615
Phone: 520-378-9311 Fax: 520-378-0424